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Kapela Drewutnia consists of:

Olga Iwanicka - vocals, reco-reco (Brazilian scraper instrument), triangle
Anna Różycka - violin, Bilgoray suka (vertical folk fiddle), mandolin, mazanki (old Polish fiddle), vocals
Dariusz Banul - sądecki region basolia
Grzegorz Mazur - accordion 
Piotr Michalski - sopilkas (Ukrainian fifes), volhynka (Belarusian bagpipes), gajdica (Slovak hornpipe), dzholomyga, fujara (Slovak shepherds' fipple flute), vocals
Dariusz Mikułowski - balalaika, domra, vocals
Mariusz Wołkowicz - guitar, mandola, mandolin, doshpuluur (long-necked Tuvan lute), vocals
Piotr Ziółek - Hutsul drum, tambourine, vocals, band management


  We play compositions inspired by traditional music from the territories of the Second Polish Republic, where various cultures and traditions met and merged. Thus, our repertoire includes Lemko, Ukrainian and Rusnak pieces as well as songs from the Lubusz Land, Silesia or Małopolska...

  Coming from different corners of Poland, we were united by shared musical interests and also by the unique atmosphere of the city that has become the group's permanent home: Lublin.

  The aim of Kapela is to acquaint modern audiences with our own rendition of old-time folk songs and ditties. We try to retain their texts and melodies faithfully and – using the instrumentarium available – to convey their mood accurately.

  The instrumentarium of our band is made up of traditional instruments present in Polish folk music, such as the accordion, the drum, the clarinet, the mandola, the mandolin, the violin, the tambourine – and others, used in the music of the regions whose culture we draw on: the Ukrainian sopilka, the Hutsul drum, the Russian volhynka or balalaikas.

  Our music is unique in combining traditional Slavic folklore with new sounds and our own arrangement, which means you can also hear us play instruments such as Irish whistles, the old Polish Bilgoray suka, the South American reco-reco or the Mongolian doshpuluur. By using them, we strive to convey the whole wealth of the pieces we arrange.

  We give concerts all over the country as well as abroad, taking part in festivals and open-air events or adding splendour to folk dances, weddings and banquets. We cooperate with the community centres of the Lublin region, the Department of Textology and Grammar of Contemporary Polish Language at MCSU, the Lublin Countryside Museum, ethnic minorities, and the Association for Integration with Disabled Artists "Dom Muzyki"

  The band is also the originator and chief organizer of Poland's first international Folk Festival of the Christmas Carols of Slavdom "Kolędowe Gody z Folkowej Zagrody" ("Christmastide Carol Singing from a Folk Farmhouse").