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We perform all over the country and abroad. 

  We take part in festivals and play at both outdoor and indoor concerts. Our music adds splendour to numerous cultural events, reviews, and conferences as well as to harvest festivals, dances, or folk celebrations. Apart from open concerts, our band often performs at closed conferences, banquets for companies, and private parties. We use an exclusively acoustic instrumentarium; we also have our own amplification equipment and a sound technician at our disposal. 
  Our repertoire includes, above all, the music of the borderland – songs from southern and eastern Poland, Lemko and Ukrainian songs; it is such pieces that we usually perform at our concerts. However, we can also present a programme featuring exclusively Polish songs or one consisting only of Lemko and Ukrainian ones. 
   We wear stylized folk costumes (linen of woollen) when performing. .

a word about rates...

  We are willing to play for anyone who likes our music and would like to invite us to give a concert. For this reason, we have no permanent price list or fixed rates... The rate for a performance depends on whether the concert is to take place in season (May 1st – Sept 30th) or out of season, towards the end of the week (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) or on a different day, and on whether it is to be an amplified outdoor event or one to be held in an indoor venue. If we are to perform with our own amplification system, the concert price goes up by 1000 PLN (plus transport costs). 
In order to contract the band to give a performance – after arranging the details by phone – it is required to sign an artistic contract, a template of which we provide below.

contracts, examples, information...

artistic contract – contract pattern-DOC download as PDF 
stage positions -  rider schema 
concert poster – example for download 
poster - poster – FH-rar