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KNIGHTLY AND FOLK MEETINGS include common singing, dancing, games, combat, and competitions

  This unique project - the only one in Poland combining knightly traditions and games with living folk music - emerged as a result of meetings and friendship between the Subcarpathian Team of Knights "Nieczuja" and Kapela Drewutnia from Lublin. The knights became enthralled with our music and we became fascinated by knightly games, combat, and gear. We hold integration meetings and open-air shows embellished with music inspired by Slavic folk. Their participants can try their hand at competitions, dance till they drop, or take a rest while listening to unusual instruments, singing, and watching combat demonstrations. It is possible to learn interesting things about the epoch whose style the meetings follow (the age of Slavic warriors, Cossacks, or the nobility). Original costumes and music as well as warriors' gear and their wagon fort transform the meeting place into an old-time knights' camp.


At Christmas time and during the Carnival period, feel invited to FOLK CAROL SINGING

  Folk Christmas carols and pastorales, once popular but less and less often known or sung these days, delighted us with their simple beauty. In order to save them from oblivion and share their joyful beauty and wisdom, we prepared the folk carol-singing project. We travel and sing carols all over Poland. During meetings in churches, halls, community centres, or even nursery schools it is possible not only to listen to old Christmas carols and pastorales but also to sing together with us. Folk Christmas songs from the Lublin region and pastorales from the Hymnary alternate with Ukrainian shchedrivki and Lemko koladki. The arrangements - using traditional but also unusual instruments - create an extraordinary Christmas atmosphere and stress the message of each particular song.

  We recorded our arrangement of Christmas carols and pastorales in the 2002 album "DŸwięki ze stajenki"("Sounds from the Stable"), featuring the most beautiful of them. 
In 2003, we won the Grand Prix at the 9th All-Poland Festival of Christmas Carols and Pastorales in Będzin.



  Music, singing, presentation of folk instruments, and dancing are equally important components of our offer, aimed at the youngest audience. Kapela Drewutnia runs shows and workshops for children in schools, nursery schools, and community centres. During such meetings, we acquaint our audience with folk music, present unusual instruments, and introduce the culture of the borderland - mainly Lemko and Ukrainian. We also conduct dancing classes for children.



  Music, singing, and dancing are equally important components of our latest project. The extended Kapela Drewutnia combines Polish, Ukrainian, and Lemko tunes with our own arrangements and choreography prepared by professional dancers working with the band. The choreographies for the selected songs are stylizations based on folk dances, characteristic for the regions whose culture we draw on.
The band's extended line-up first performed on 8 November 2003 in Białystok.